Hi there, my name's Danny Zagorski. I'm a product designer.

And I make things — my favorites being apps, products, beer, and experiences.


Lead Product Designer

Focused on incremental optimization, I'm using research and A/B testing to evolve the user experience and increase key goals for Neighborhoods.com.  Most recently, I graduated from Reforge's Growth Series to build a better growth strategy for our multiple products.

Prior to Neighborhoods.com, I led a 5-person team of talented UX and UI designers to create new tools and experiences for Charter Communication's internal apps team in Denver, and worked with Fortune 500 clients at Chicago agency, Manifest Digital.




Ardent Cultural Evangelist 

Beyond product design, I believe in creating a strong work environment for all.  As part of building a user-focused company, I lead design-thinking workshops, "user-watching parties,"  lunch and learns, and presented at a recent conference to 200 professionals.

I've also helped organize UX and brewing events between multiple agencies, competed and won the Employee Hackathon, set up an Employee Hall of Fame, and volunteered with the company's Culture Club.  I've also created and edited an internal newsletter celebrating the team.  




Comfortable Experimenter

Outside of the office, I like to dream up new experiences and challenges. I enjoy hiking progressively taller mountains, learning new tips to piece together the tastiest brew and fly fishing for trout.

I've also designed and run a gardening app and fishing website, worked with tea suppliers in China, promoted bands and am passionate about all things DIY.  



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